Benefits of SAP migration to the Google Cloud Platform

SAP systems that require efficient infrastructure and associated investments are a strategic resource for companies, both from the perspective of IT, as well as critical significance to the business. Hence the caution exercised by companies approaching the issue of migrating the SAP system to the cloud. However, transferring SAP application workloads to the cloud may bring tangible financial benefits in the form of reduced infrastructure-related resources and operating costs.

One of the key factors in favour of migrating an IT infrastructure to the cloud - besides greater flexibility and scalability of cloud solutions - is the lower operating cost. An enterprise that frees itself from obligations associated with the maintenance of in-house resources at a local data centre, frees up the financial resources necessary for further investments in innovation, research and development.

GCP infrastructure not only lowers costs associated with hardware upkeep and software licences, but also these resulting from operating downtime and interruptions caused by malfunctions or required maintenance work. Moreover, the supply chain management efficiency increases and staff productivity is improved. This also applies to the IT department - the capacities of which, relieved of the responsibility for technical support, can be assigned to other tasks. This all translates into significant savings each year. More info: The Total Economic Impact Of SAP On Google Cloud

Gain market advantage owing to:

  • higher business flexibility
  • state-of-the-art architecture providing unique operating speed
  • stable environment with revolutionary efficiency (BigQuery) and hyper-scalability
  • security systems supported by “artificial intelligence” solutions
  • self-operating AI / ML technologies
  • better customer experience owing to service speed and reliability
  • reduced IT infrastructure upkeep costs
  • eliminated costs related to licenses and maintenance of the management sphere of containerization platforms
  • constant access to the latest GOOGLE ecosystem innovations

Find out how VOX benefited from migrating its SAP manufacturing system to Google Cloud Platform.

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