The GCP Cloud is a set of components that enable companies to operate faster and be more competitive. The ability to integrate this technology into products and processes so as to obtain a maximum business outcome remains a challenge.

7Technology supports enterprises and institutions throughout this path. We facilitate the transformation process by effectively assisting in developing business values using cloud solutions. Our team of experienced cloud experts supports your organization at every transformation stage, from drawing up a plan until its effective implementation.

Analysing and drawing up a plan for SAP migration to the Google cloud is made up of the following stages:



Aimed at gathering detailed information on the condition of the currently operated SAP environment and its possible migration to the cloud, and at identifying crucial needs and expected benefits of the transition into the GCP cloud.



Based on information collected during previous stages, we develop a detailed migration scenario with a cost estimation.



Development of a test version for the solution in order to verify previous assumptions and minimize the risk during actual implementation.




Implementation of a target solution.


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